What are the differences between LOU 1.0, LOU 2.0, and LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboards?

LOU 1.0 Electric Skateboard has a polyurethane deck and one motor. LOU 2.0 Electric Skateboard has a carbon fiber deck and one motor. LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboard also has a carbon fiber deck and has two motors.

What is the warranty policy for LOU?

LOU’s warranty covers the electric motor and battery for one year. All other parts of LOU board electric skateboards will be covered under warranty for two years.

Can LOU Board Electric Skateboards be used when the battery runs out?

Yes! This is a great feature of the LOU board electric skateboard, it will ride like a regular skateboard when power runs out. So if LOU runs out of power while you’re on the road, you can still ride LOU home.

What are the weights and dimensions of LOU boards?

LOU Board electric skateboards are approximately 5 kg or 11 lbs. More specifically, the Lou Board 1.0 is 5.5 kg, the Lou Board 2.0 is 4 kg, and the Lou Board 3.0 is 4.9 kg. The dimensions are 660 × 260 × 130 mm (25 × 10 × 5 in).

Does the LOU Board Electric Skateboard have a weight limit?

LOU electric skateboards 1.0 has been tested for riders up to 120 kg or 265 lbs, and LOU 2.0 and 3.0 have been tested for riders up to 150 kg or 330 lbs.

Do you ship LOU Electric Skateboards internationally?

Currently we ship in most of Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Check back with us soon as we will be expanding our shipping areas. 

What is the wheel size on LOU?

The wheel size and hardness on LOU skateboards is 80 mm, 78A.

Does the customer have to pay a customs fee?

Customs fees vary according to the country in which you live. Customers will be responsible for customs and VAT fees.

Is the LOU Board Electric Skateboard waterproof?

LOU Electric Skateboards have a water resistance rating of IP54. 

Can I take LOU on an airplane?

The battery in the LOU 1.0 and 2.0 electric skateboards falls below 100Wh which is allowed on most airlines. However, regulations differ for different airlines. Please double check with your airline before taking LOU on a plane.

How do I download the LOU Board Android and Apple apps?

For Android click here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bt.soflowag

For iPhone click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soflow/id1340920216?mt=8

What is the after sales policy for LOU Board Electric Skateboards?

LOU Board After Sales Policies:
Please save the receipt from the purchase of your LOU Board Electric Skateboard. The SoFlow After Sales department will require you to provide an original receipt to receive help from the team. For after-sales services or related questions, contact us at info@so-flow.com.

Order Cancellation Policies

You may cancel an order within 7 days, without any additional charge or obligation. After 7 days following the purchase date of your LOU board, a 5% cancellation fee will be charged if you choose to cancel your order. Once the product has been shipped, or the status of the order is moved to “Shipping”, no refund will be permitted. If the product is received, please see our return policy. Refunds will be issued within 14 business days by PayPal or any third-party platform. The customer will be obligated to pay any fee charged by PayPal or other third-party platform. 

Limited Warranty Policies

All repaired products are covered by the standard warranty starting on the date of original sale. The standard warranty guarantees the motor and battery for one year and the remaining parts of the board are covered for two years, excluding normal wear and tear. SoFlow has repair centers in California, Zurich and Shanghai. Customers will be responsible for the shipment fee when sending a product to one of our service centers. If SoFlow determines that the issue is not covered by the warranty, the customer can request a customer paid repair service. Customers are responsible for any and all loss liability or damages resulting from the use of SoFlow products, including loss of life, personal injuries, or property damage.

How do I pair the LOU Board Electric Skateboard remote with the LOU board?

If you receive a replacement remote or motherboard for LOU, you may need to pair the two devices. See section 4.3 of the LOU Instruction booklet.