Before You Ride...

  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear when you ride.
  • In some cases, your SoFlow electric skateboard or scooter can lose power. This can happen due to radio interference which will affect the remote and receiver, a dead or dying remote battery, accidental release of the directional button, and other unseen factors. Always ride at appropriate speeds for the environment.
  • Always start moving forward as slowly as possible to avoid any jolting starts.
  • Never go faster than you are comfortable with. Hills can be misleading, and it’s possible to pick up speeds greater than the boards capabilities due to gravity.
  • Always obey local laws regarding motorized skateboards and scooters. Laws vary from city to city, state to state, and country to country. Make sure you know yours.
  • Ride defensively. Cars, trucks, and busses can seriously injure you, and they are not always looking out for a motorized skateboard or scooter, or anyone moving as fast as you may be. Be as cautious and defensive as possible when riding near other vehicles.
  • Check your board out weekly. Although SoFlow electric skateboards and scooters are built to take vibrations, jolts, bumps, and other normal riding conditions, the internal electronic components are very sophisticated, and sensitive. We’ve engineered the products to protect these internal items, but they can be damaged or loosened by riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, and subjecting the board to other high-impact events that may damage components over time.